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The “Maiale” boosting chariot: The telemetry, remote control, and data publication system: The sampled data: The background: Why Maiale (pig):

The “Maiale” boosting chariot:  top

The applicability of this cart to any bicycle makes it particularly interesting not only for sports reasons, and the phrase “soft mobility” in the DMT logo means more than just a slogan.

The ”Maiale” boosting chariot comes into being from the need of actively moving with a simple economic vehicle, able to transport objects fairly quickly and especially without polluting and without making noise.
It is easily connectable, allowing to transform any type of bicycle into an actual transport vehicle for people and things, moved by electric and muscular force.

The different bicycle types and the different types of use allow for all kinds of combinations with the CDS maiale: from the extreme tourist bicycle with tent and sleeping bag, or to the supermarket with three different shopping bags, and from who moves around with a work case or a sports bag to who wants to cycle in an alternative way.

The pushing capacity is directly proportional with the action on the pedals and a speed can be reached which is greater than double the maximum speed reachable with just the power of the cicylist.

The load capacity is high: up to about 90 litres of volume can be reached with a maximum weight of 30 kg.

Going up-hill and down-hill is not an obstacle for the lazy cyclist who, actually is stimulated by a motorial activity without being forced to exert effort beyond his capacity.

Practically, the CDS Maiale is a boosting chariot for a bicycle, equipped with an electric traction motor, fed by special batteries and controlled by a special sensor based on the load cell technology which directly measures the power exerted on the pedals.

Its average autonomy is about 100 km and can easily be recharged in a few hours (1,5 – 2,5 h) from any 230 Vac socket.

Today, after over a year of research and testing, from this boost chariot nicknamed “Maiale”, an aerodynamic model powered by the sun has been developed which participates at the World Solar Cycle Challenge 2003.
The solar component of the propulsion is guaranteed by GaAs double junction gallium arsenide cells developed for the aerospace industry.
Efficiency = 22 %
Solar surface = 0.55 mq
Panel voltage = 30.8 V
Technical power = 120 W

The accumulators are of the NiMH Nickel Metal Hydride kind
Specific energy = 72 Wh/Kg
Cell voltage = 1.2 V
Module voltage = 24 V
Energy = 948 Wh
Mass = 13.2 kg

The telemetry, remote control, and data publication system:  top

A telemetry system will be installed on the CDS Maiale which will transmit by radio all the significant data to the support vehicle in real time. This data is displayed on the PC monitor in order to decide the race strategy instant by instant.

Always from PC, it is possible to remotely control the traction system of the CDS Maiale in order to manage the solar, battery and cyclist energy in the best way possible.

The received data is stored on a file and immediately transmitted to the network thanks to a "publication server" which updates a web page dedicated to the event.

Besides the scientific data, the PC will acquire, thanks to a digital camera or video camera, also the images which, day by day, will be transmitted on the web along with the team's comments and remarks.

The Internet connection is made through satellite connections.

The sampled data:  top

- Current and voltage of photovoltaic panel
- Battery current and voltage
- Motor's current and voltage
- Control, motor, and battery pack temperature
- Vehicle speed

The background:  top

The idea of the CDS “Maiale” actually comes from way back. The technical sports director of the Dini Motive Team, is not a novice with this kind of ventures: already in the summer of 1996 he participated in the first edition of the World Solar Cycle Challenge, organized in October of the same year in Australia with a team linked to the “IPSIA Ferrari” school of Maranello, with a fairing three wheel prototype called Pinocchio.
Its team is able to cover 3100 km in crossing Australia from Darwin to Adelaide, confronting itself as the only European team, with international teams such as Honda, Aeroviroment, etc…, which have much greater financial capabilities.

In 1998 it is time of the Transeuropean '98, a race reserved for electrical vehicles and hybrids which started from Bruxelles October 3rd 1998, at the end of "A Future for the City", an international symposium regarding electric vehicles. The Transeuropean is subdivided in stages with the maximum length of 175 Km through a series of cities particularly involved with electric vehicles. The total distance was 1380 Km: from the valleys of Belgium, up to 2100 meters of the Gotthard pass, and finally to the monegasque riviera, facing different climates which were often harsh.

In 1999 he participates at the third edition of the World Solar Cycle Challenge, with a two wheel prototype named Grasparossa, covering 1.500 km from Alice Spring to Adelaide, confronting itself, as the only italian team with 21 teams from the whole world. They arrived at Adelaide with a decent placing: second of its class and sixth overall.

Why CDS Maiale (pig):  top

The animal which has this name represents an important economic resource and is very popular in Emilia Romagna and especially in our province.

However the CDS Maiale has also an important technological version; in 1935 Teseo Tesei christens its creature with this name: the Slow Run Torpedo. Himself, a Naval Corps Officer, in 1935 together with Elios Toschi, starts to design one of the first and most astonishing electric vehicles in history.

This vehicle shaped as a torpedo could be ridden on and could sail at the surface of the sea as well as submerge for about 15 miles at the speed of 2,3 knots.

The propulsion electric motor powered by a battery, the brilliant idea of moving without making noise riding a simple vehicle, and the low cost but at the same time efficient were all the main basis of our inspiration for this project.

As a humorous homage to this popular beast and with respect for the electrical idea of the corps officer, also our boosting chariot has been christened CDS “Maiale”.

Teseo Tesei

Slow Run Torpedo picture