Dini Argeo s.r.l.
DINI ARGEO s.r.l. is a leader in the production of scales and weighing systems. The company, a metric manufacturer from 1906, designs, manufactures anda sells components. and weighing instruments that respond to the actual needs of various work environments. The experience built in first-rate italian and foreign realities, allows the company to develop mechanical, electronic, and computerised solutions, flexible in the application, adaptable to different fields of use, expandable and interfaceable with different communication standards, with simple machanics and fitted with accessories which ease its use.
The strategy of the company is based on the optimisation of the Customer Service with the convinction that these are an integral part of the product.
The continuous investment in human and economic resources in the Research and Development dept. allows on the one hand for a continuous probe on new products and on the other hand the creation of appropriate software which widen the range of the possible applications.
The Research and Development dept. makes use of expert designers and specialized technicians for a continuously updated planning based on the technological evolution and the market needs.

System s.p.a.
System was established in 1970 in the heart of the Italian ceramic area; right in the next year, it made itself known by producing Rocket, the first rotary silk-screen printing machine for tile decoration: a success that will remain a milestone for many competitors.
As year passe by, the company, following a continuous search for innovative solutions for the industrial automation, had the chance to profit from the expertise and knw-how of ceramics to enter it to establish more and more on all international markets. Currently, System s.p.a. has three operating branches: System Ceramics si the core business with the production of complete systems and machines for ceramic industry; System Logistics produces automatic warehouses and logistic solutions for goods inhouse handling; System Electronics designs and produces hardware and software for the product and process industrial control.
Nowadays, System is known all over the world thanks to its undisputed attitude to look ahead, with highly-innovating solutions often achieving new standards in the differents application fields. In the ceramic sector, for example, the decoration system of Rotocolor improved remarkably the productivity levels while reaching top aesthetic results. As for logistic, the automatic storage systems Modula and Robostore (in addition to the latest Cube) rationalized and simplified the product management, handling and storage in many industries both in Italy and in the world.
On the electronics sector, Copilot the palm system, simplifies and makes faster and more efficient the controlling functions. System Electronics was created to integrate the product and service range for industrial automation, with an individual development of advance hardware and software for process and product control and integration. System Electronics is equipped with research and control laboratories certified according to ISO 9001 standards; it makes use of sophisticated instruments for product development and quality control. Among the latest innovations: Copilot, an innovative hand-held PC with IRda connection, that can be used even in motion, and DICO 908, a new family of systems for CAN-bus remote I/O control.
Though it is the new entry in System's evolution, the Electronics division can now boast over twenty years of expertise in hardware and software design and more then ten years of activity in Bitbus networks. System Electronics is also one the charter members of BEUG (Bitbus European User Group), a no-profit association promoting standardization and know-how in distributed control applications. Thanks to such a heritage of expertise and knowledge, this company is now at the top of its sector, with the power of a successful group and the warranty of System brand.

G.R. snc
G.R. snc representations for the industry of the electronic field, electrical worker, mechanic and plastic been born in 1996 on the Emiliano Romagnolo territory.
The products draft: wrapped for electronics, Keyboards to membrane, systems of logon for the electronics and the electromechanical one, carpentry to design, stamps and stamping ABS and polyurethane, closets RACK and scato them for the electronics, planning stamps, girdles and connections

"Officina Gimec" is a mechanical workshop with an experience of over twenty years in CNC machines. We have working centres with pallet-changing, 4-axis and 3350 mm travel, motorized lathes with automatic bars loader. With these high technology machines we can satisfy requests of demanding customers of various scetors. We create items made of aluminium alloy, stainless steel and plastic materials on customers' drawing and we supply them finished with possible chemical or thermal treatment. If you want more information you can visit the site.

Industrial flooring, treatment antidust and antitrust, anti slipping flight, maintenance work and rebuilding of old floors, repair using hight quality materials.
Ours works are made with specific experience. Every step of manifacture and the materials keep roules and hight quality pecularitie.
Our concern is very serious about building and safety regulations.

The MUSSINI balsamic vinegar factory produces and sells Balsamic Vinegar of Modena known and appreciated throughout the world for its unequalled characteristics. Our products are the fruit of our land passed through the generations.
Along with its products, the MUSSINI balsamic vinegar factory offers the joy of living typical of the Italian people, which is born from a passion which is "eating well".
This means knowing how to pair tastes and the richness of aromas together with genuiness and tradition as the "mediterranean diet" teaches us.

Gaiotto Automation
Gaiotto Automation is an automatic systems producer for the pieces finishing, manipulation and handling.
It operates in the fields of ceramics, plastics and general industry basing on three remarkable keywords: flexibility, precision and reliability.

The Villani firm: a family passion passed through five generations. In 1880 Ernesta and Costante Villani established the salami factory, starting the production of salami, and later on Mortadella (polony sausage) and other cold cuts were added. The skill was passed on to the son Peppino who started searching for tipical regional recipes. Still today the production is done with the traditional craftsmanship: the processing phases such as tying and salting are done manually. In time the firm has also developed a deep-rooted know-how in the fermenting processes of the uncooked meats thanks to heavy investments in research.

CIBE laboratory offers its services to the weighing system manufacturers as a qualified reference point for solving the various Metrology problems. In order to offer a qualified service to Customers, CIBE has obtained two accreditations: SIT (for calibrating weights up to 20kg) and SINAL (for testing scales having a capacity of up to 60kg and electronic indicators); these Accreditations prove the technical competence gained by the laboratory in executing accredited activities and the conformity of its Quality System with the EN ISO/IEC 17025 Norm.
The laboratory can support the Customer, until he has obtained the Certificate of Approval by the competent Notified Body, providing the following services: support for the applicable normative requirements, execution of the tests required by the current regulations, drafting and submission of the technical documentation, assistance with the contacts with the Notified Body (Ufficio Centrale Metrico, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt -PTB-, Nederlands Meetinstituut -NMi-, etc.).
Moreover, CIBE offers to its Customers the following services/products: advice and courses on Legal and Technical Metrology, calibrations, weights, sets of weights and special weights.

In the shade of the famous Pisa's leaning tower, for over a decade now, Selene has been developing all kinds of electronics and software applications. From design to large-scale production, always with high professionalism and expertise, our main goal is our customers' maximum satisfaction.