2005 - Nord Kapp Solar Ride (Europe)
After its debut in the prestigious World Solar Cycle Challenge which was held in Australia in 2003 and in the American Solar Bike Rayce which was held in Kansas (USA) in 2004, the adventure of the Dini Motive Team from Modena and its latest solar vehicle also called Maiale III goes on with a new adventure: a solo voyage from Modena to Cape North (Norway). The voyage will start on Saturday, July 2nd, 2005 , and will cover a distance of over 4.000 km up to the extreme border of Europe, in one of the most picturesque landscapes of the old continent.

Course of the Nord Kapp Solar Ride: Modena - Capo Nord


On-board diary of Nord Kapp Solar Ride 2005

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Tuesday 2/08 Mission accomplished! . After only 13 Km (the most of them of uphill way), the "Maiale" reached Cape North. A really stong emotion. 13 Nord Kapp
Monday 1/08 As anticipated, the weather created some problems to the "Maiale". This has been the hardest day under the most tiring ones of this long journey. The "Maiale" travelled 117 km under incessant rain and with such a strong wind that sometimes, it was impossible to cycle. With a temperature of 6 °C and a 9% uphill way the " Maiale" managed to travel 117 Km. He could finally rest in a small bungalow in the last camping before Cape North. It seemed really to be on the mountains rather than to be near the sea! 117 13 km from Nord Kapp
Sunday 31/07 As he gets nearer to the destination, the weather is getting colder and colder. Although the sun accompanied the "Maiale" during the whole day, the temperature hardly reached 6/7 °C. The wind sometimes was so strong to require a considerable phisical effort. The landscape was characterized by huge highlands surrounded by hills, which were covered with pines and birch woods. Moreover, there were big rivers and beautiful torrents which seemed to flow out from scratch, for flowing then towards the fiords of the northern sea. There are still 130 km to travel before reaching the final destination and they can seem a few kilometers but with such a cold and unstable weather, they cannot be understimated. 112 Olderfjord
Saturday 30/07 The maiale is getting closer to its final destination and is making its best to reach it as soon as possible. After an 11 hours ride along desolated roads, finding none alive except for some lone fishers, the maiale has covered 218 km in Lapland. It’s unbelievable how beautiful and uncommon the surrounding landscape is here: a thick forest of fir trees and birches on a blueberry carpet, lichens and wonderful lilac flowers. Exhaustion and bracing weather are starting to sorely try our fearless traveller’s resistance. But his desire to be there is too strong! 218 Territorio lappone
Friday 29/07 He’s only followed by some deer, standing along the road looking at this weird traveller. The maiale’s ride goes on trough the Finnish land, up to the now-not-so-far-away destination. Today the ride has followed small secondary roads, with very little traffic and almost no town along, and only got a 20 km long section of an unsurfaced road. The weather is still very cold, the north wind strongly blowing through the vast inhabited flats. He had some problems with water supplies but – don’t worry! – a small stream will be fine for taking some water to drink. 189 Enontekio
Thursday 28/07 The maiale’s ride is going on without the help of its engine and of the sun, because of yesterday’s failure. The maiale is used to riding in better conditions and looks like more and more suffering from cold weather and bracing wind. 115 Pajala
Wednesday 27/07 Very difficult day for the maiale. After about 150 km covered without accidents, in the evening, the maiale was caught in a suddent violent storm in the middle of a forest. The rain and the mud will this time be fatal to the maiale who will find itself alone in the middle of a forest with a breakdown of the motor and the electronics. Once the storm is ove,r the last 25 km which remain to reach the town of Overkalix, are made with quite a lot of difficulty; thereĺs the hope that once again it will be possible to repair the damage. 175 Overkalix
Tuesday 26/07 Record distance of 230 km for the maiale today up to Pitea in a little more than 8 hours. After two days waiting the maiale today is unstoppable! 230 Pitea
Monday 25/07 Thanks to the great assistance of Lennard H÷stin, without considering the priceless hospitality of his family, the damage has been completely repaired. The anticipation is great for continuing the journey tomorrow morning. - UmeÓ
Sunday 24/07 Technical layover at UmeÓ, guest of the H÷stin family. It is really true that the Swedes are very hospitable. - UmeÓ
Saturday 23/07 Severe problems for the maiale today, right when it seemed as though its physical and mechanical problems had been resolved. It almost seemed a boar. Then about 40 km from the destination, the city of UmeÓ, the accident. The bycycle gear breaks, and gets stuck in the back wheel causing the spokes, the chain, and the back wheel to break besides damaging the bycicle frame. Therefore at 6 PM, the maiale finds itself on the side of the E4 road with the bike in pieces and the spirit crushed. After taking a few hours in trying to patch up the damage in the best way possible, the tired, bruised, and cold Maiale continues its trip up to Umea reaching it at about 11 PM. It will pass the night as a guest of a Swedish friend, another audacious and solitary bycicle rider, met this same morning and with whom the maiale made friends with. At this point one just has to wait for Monday hoping that a mechanic can fix the damage. 180 UmeÓ  
Friday 22/07 The trip of the maiale continues north along the only passable road, the E4, a highway which at certain points has a single lane in each direction; the intense traffic of cars, trucks and buses makes the trip quite dangerous and challenging. One can not distract himself for a moment in order to not risk being swept away by a truck. The trip is brightened by the Swedes who stop due to curiousity and by an eccentric pensioner who accompanies the maiale for a little while in roller skis! 164 Hoga Kusten
Thursday 21/07 The maiale returns to the Baltic Sea at Hudiksval, after about 154 Km ridden on the breathtaking roads, accompanied by beautiful weather. The air starts to become fairly cool and the sun rays, always more slanting, don't seem to supply the energy of the first days. Along the path short stop at Okelbo, in which the maiale becomes friends with the town mechanic and his entire family: 4 generations (from the greatgrandfather up to the grandson) of authentic Swedes who are very cordial and hospitable. 154 Hudiksval
Wednesday 20/07 Another day under the rain in the midst of forests, lakes and waterways. The Swedes come here to ski. Fortunately now the weather is mild, the limes are blossoming and strawberries are sold everywhere. First stopover at Avesta and then Storvik, and after about 116 km arriving at Sandviken with its small lake, of course. The stay is in a small town hotel where with great surprise fo the maiale another solitary adventurer is lodging. A german engineer traveling in the opposite direction who left Cape North and is headed to Gibraltar, on bike, of course ! 116 Sandviken
Tuesday 19/07 Immersed in the beautiful swedish fields, going up and down with fairly steep climbs on bumpy dirt roads, the maiale reaches the city of Fargesta after about 93 km of travel. Here one breathes mountain air in the town camping which faces on the inevitable lake surrounded by a beautiful forest nearby. 93 Fargesta
Monday 18/07 After an intense day of bike riding the at 9 PM the maiale finds itself once again lost under the rain in the swedish fields. The attempts to be hosted in the beautiful and comfortable swedish houses. On the other hand it's not very common to see a solitary way-farer with his faithful solar vehicle! Again on the saddle until 11 PM, until the small city of Frovi is reached. The maiale, which had already decided to stop at the first bench along the way, stumbles upon a small hotel. The maiale makes its entry amidst general incredulity. Still another night in a dry place! 216 Frovi
Sunday 17/07 Yesterday's bad weather and rain did not help the maiale's health and today it's having some technical problems. After doing some extraordinary maintenance in the morning, there is time left just to cover 50 km up to Granna. The adverse weather forecast (wind and rain) for the entire week do not help the maiale's spirit. 50 Granna
Saturday 16/07 After about 8 hours of travel, the maiale accompanied by rain and strong wind, reaches Jonkoping, covering about 200 km. Difficult day, but the maiale does not give up. 200 Jonkoping
Friday 15/07 Day of rest today for the maiale. - Orkelljunga
Thursday 14/07 Once reached the city of Helsingor on the coast the maiale boards onto the ferry for the short distance separating from Sweden. Disembarking at Helsingborg in Sweden at 1 PM : there is still time to cover another 60 km Along the lake of Hjalmsjorn , in the village camping, the maiale stops to rest for the night. Will the maiale resist the temptation to explore the thick and tempting forest nearby? 101 Orkelljunga
Wednesday 13/07 Even though the night without sleep, the journey of the maiale continues on Danish turf covering a distance of 160 km up to Copenhagen, the gorgeous capital of Denmark overlooking the Baltic Sea. 160 Copenhagen
Tuesday 12/07 A few disorientation problems in today's ride from Meyenburg to Rostock brought the maiale to the Baltic Sea coast. Then a night crossing up to Gedser in Denmark where it arrives at about 2 in the night. The search for a hotel is useless at this time. All the maiale can do is spend the night. under the stars. (see the bench on the right) 170 Rodstock/Gedser
Monday 11/07 Another day of strong wind on the German roads. However, the sun returns strong with a temperature of 35░ Celsius. The route is very beautiful next to the river Elbe in the heart of Saxony, a region of Germany full of history and charm. After short Stopovers in Havelberg and Pritzwalk the ride today stops in Meyenburg after about 160 km . 160 Meyenburg
Sunday 10/07 "One cycles also going downhill". This is the summary of some very suffered 150 km , constantly pedalling against a very cold and strong ill wind. 150 Maggdeburg
Saturday 9/07 The weather improves, the sun is back and the maiale responds with a good advance of 175 km up to Freyburg. 175 Freyburg
Friday 8/07 The journey proceeds up to the small town of Stockheim in which, after 130 strenous kilometres, the maiale resides as the only customer in the small inn of the town. 130 Stockeim
Thursday 7/07 Still bad weather in Germany. Rain and strong wind slow the ride of the Maiale, which in any case advances up to NŘrnberg. 160 NŘrnberg
Wednesday 6/07 The Maiale restarts his travel. 180 Km after the feet of Schazen, they reach Oberappersdorf, locality near Freising. 180 Oberappersdorf
Tuesday 5/07 Technical stop in Zirl cause bad weather and the resolution of some little problem to the Maiale - Zirl
Monday 4/07 From Innsbruck to Zirl,at the foot of the impenetrable Schazen Pass. Storms and bad weather slow down the travel. Done only 40 Km. Also for tomorrow, 5 july, unfaborable weather conditions. 40 Innsbruk/Zirl
Sunday 03/07 From Trento to 20 km ahead the Brennero (Innsbruck) - about 200 km. Here start the mountains. 200 Trento/Insbruck
Saturday 02/07 Starting from Modena to Trento - about 200 km , with some cyclists of Dini Motive Team. 200 Modena/Trento

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