Friday 24/10/2003

6th STAGE: Melrose - Clare (228 Km)

The day starts with a 70 km transfer, which forces us to get up really early...
The village of Melrose and the hospitality offered by the locals woke us up.
What wakes us up most of all is to see that already at the start line the sun is generous and the indicator showing the solar cell voltage marks 2,7 amper.
We divide the race into sections depending on the characteristics of each.
Andrea Bazzani, the designer of the “Maiale” prepares himself for the first section.
The show supplied by the schoolchildren with flags supplied by the malaysians is really overwhelming. In the last few days in all the towns we passed we have been meeting people of all ages who welcomed and applauded us. To contrast the power shown by the malaysian team a great coalition sprung up around us. Each time we met people from other teams we were cheered and seen as the only ones to rescue “the rest of the world”.
Actually, Giovanni, our honorary “PR” man, had an important role, who with his few words of english would make proclamations, give challenges and “give fives” whenever he had the chance.
In the first part of the race there was an interesting fight between us and the Australian team who follows us in the overall classification; this match ended when the road went uphill at a constant basis. At the end of the stage our lead on them was of over 15 minutes.
The stage protagonists were first of all the colours which accompanied us along the route’s 220 km.
Inside the camper the discussion was about telemetry and tigelle (an Emilia local food), in other words if it would be worth to invest in solar panels to power the maiale or tigelle to power the one who pedals…but this is a subject-matter for other premises.