Tuesday 21/10/2003

3th STAGE: Pt. Lincoln - Cleve (221 Km)

“But tomorrow is another day”
This is what “Jonny The Driver” (Giovanni Indulti) told to the Malaysian team manager at the end of the second stage in which for the second time they beat us with a 20-minute lead.
In fact today was really another day. Keeping in mind that our “Maiale” should be the favourite in sunny conditions, it couldn’t have gone worse.
The rain hitting the camper’s roof woke us up and kept us company for the entire day. Like often happens in these circumstances, however, be it for spirit of emulation of the Pars -Roubaix, or be it for just the desire of the Finish banner, the team responded very well, containing the winner’s lead within fifteen minutes.
In spite of the positive response which came from the timings, we noticed that Jonny the driver was a little agitated and we couldn’t understand why.
At the end of the race we foun Jonny eating all alone (see picture)… it seems as though the Welcome to Cleve that was given to him by the Malaysian Team Manager, whoe remembered a certain promise...