Thursday 23/10/2003

5th STAGE: Whyalla - Port Pirie (178 Km)

A difficult stage, with a very different altimetry than in the Po valley.
Beautiful scenery, especially in the morning with an Irish sky, ideal for our photographer Luigi Ottani, who shot his usual 300 photos…a little less ideal for who wants to receive from the sky the energy to maintain a good average.
Up to threefourths of the race there was a photographer’s sky, then a little sun in order to get breath and be helped by the “Maiale”… yes, because the Maiale does not just help those “born with the silver spoon in their mouth” like our Gaiotto who must push with his legs.
In any case, even in these conditions, Battista’s (Gaiotto) way of pedalling is the most elegant of the WSCC.
The team and its riders pedaled regularly and speedily giving a lot with their legs in order to exploit the over 100 watts supplied by the panel when the sun peeped out.
The initial hill was handled very well by Thomas, the one who was defined by the organizers as the “polka-dotted shirt” of the WSCC, and Tosi’s descent into the canyon disconcerted the Malaysian “space egg”.
The only regret is that we were not able to enjoy the sun during the entire week; otherwise the classification might be different.