Sunday 26/10/2003

8th STAGE: Kapunda - Adelaide (74 Km)

It was a parade which brought the WSCC participants to the centre of Adelaide.
A party of people and surroundings (with a capital S).
In Adelaide, during the entire week, the energy par excellence was celebrated: the sun.
A park is prepared in which miniature solar powered vehicles race, such as motor boats and automobiles. Every once in a while the speaker announces the arrival of a WSC solar vehicle which left from Darwin. After a few minutes these “jewels”, true concentrations of technology and design, enter in front of the incredulous eyes of the many spectators. The pilot comes out and it is possible to see the red sand of the australian desert inside the vehicle.
The winning team raced over 3000 km at an average of 97 km/h.
At eleven the “Maiale” entered, with lots of applause, this “Cathedral of the sun” after racing 1600 km at an average of 39,6 km/h
It was finally the moment to free up the emotions and tensions accumulated during the week of racing.
There was joy, satisfaction and pride, and as usual at the end of a nice adventure, a little bit of melancholy.