Sunday 19/10/2003

1th STAGE: Ceduna - Elliston (235 Km)

The "Maiale" flies away!!!
In icy cold weather the first stage of the World Solar Cycle Challenge 2003 has been completed. The DINI MOTIVE TEAM of Spezzano di Fiorano, the only European team in its category (Sperimental Cycle), has toughly fought against its formidable Malaysian and Australian rivals.
The first stage from Ceduna to Elliston (243 km) should have served to verify the athletes’ preparation, but mostly to test the strategies and adjust them according to the route and weather conditions
After yesterday’s qualifications (Saturday October 18) placing it second, the Maiale had a quiet race start. For over half the race Andrea Bazzani, the team’s strategist, kept the “gland” (the Maiale’s battery) bridled, in order to avoid breakdowns at the end of the race due to a clouded over sun and a strong wind. In this phase it was vital to have the physical contribution of Thomas, Battista, Enrico and Bazzani in order to curb the lead of the Malaysian team. In the second part of the race the telemetry gave comforting signals, so it was decided to let loose all the bridles. At this point, with its potentiometers released, the Maiale’s real race started, with a bursting out of all the energy accumulated by the solar cells.
At 30 km from Elliston, when the energy of the other vehicles was at the last drops and each hill seemed like an “Everest”, the “Maiale” was regaining over 15 minutes from the leading team.
After a long desired shower and a pork barbecue there was a surprise party...
It seems as though the “maiale” was up all night on top of a tractor-trailer running after kangaroos...